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ProVITAL d.o.o.
Novine 19
2212 Šentilj v Slovenskih goricah

00386 (0)41 512 488

ProVITAL Ltd., Society for research, education, tourism, hospitality, rentals and other services

In our company we build on knowledge in conjunction with experiences and a set vision, which is based on clear objectives. Our vision is focused on a range of high-quality consulting, education and project-based service offers in the areas of establishing, managing and transforming hospitality and catering companies, tourist destinations and protected areas. We’re giving a special attention to developing rural destinations through establishing collective trademarks, according to the model “Authentic from Slovenia”. Our company’s’ motto is: “dedicated and professional work with constant upgrading of knowledge and skills and the promotion of higher life quality for the employees in the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as stakeholders in tourist destinations and protected areas”. The key to successful business is excellent planning, as well as the evaluation of performed activities!

dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec
Bonitetna ocena 2020