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Authentic from Slovenia

According to the model »Authentic from Slovenia«, which is being developed in a cooperation with many experts, several collective trademarks were created in Slovenia during the last eight years, namely: From Bohinj, Tastes of Rogla, Dolenjska Delights, Heart of Slovenia, Idrija Selected, Jeruzalem Slovenia, Bled Local selection, Taste Laško, Sevnica Premium, From Haloze hills, Kranjska Gora Finest, Naše najboljše/Our finest.

With the model for developing local environments, we affect the overall growth of the quality of the offer of crops, products, services and guided experiences marked with a collective trademark, as well as the local / regional origin of materials or food, connecting providers, developing new and related products and services and implementing business ideas.

The Certification goals strive towards:
  • creation of a register of providers with guaranteed promised local added value - origin of quality food and materials or manufacturing techniques and patterns, as well as the recipes, typical for the destination;
  • coordinated growth of the overall quality of the offer with the local added value of the destination through the activities of a business incubator (training and consulting by the development of a quality offer and its overall visual image);
  • establishing a short local supply chain with the highest possible self-sufficiency provided by the length of the destination's growing season;
  • care for the coordinated promotion of local / regional providers through a collective trademark, which characterizes their offer as a typical and autochthonous quality offer of the destination;
  • establishing the logistics from the field to the plate or guided experiences and the sale of the certified offer of the destination as a whole under a common collective trademark.

The process of establishing a quality local offer from the bottom up lasts at least five years and at the end of this period offers a basis for an attractive stay in the destination for both locals and visitors, with the available certified offer of the destination.
In the first development phase, which lasts one year, we encourage the providers to cooperate through a network of providers and a certified offer, as well as in chains of: (i) craftsman’s – craftwork and products of unique and industrial design, (ii) food producers and processors - crops and food products, and (iii) caterers – food and beverages served in a way of catering, with locally added value of the destination, covering a certain geographical area.
In the second phase we build the offer of: (iv) green accommodation facilities with local added value, (v) gastronomic events and (vi) guided experiences by providers.
In the third phase we are developing ambassadors of the collective trademark, namely top providers with a comprehensive offer of the destination, who obtain the title: (vii) Open Door Workshop, (viii) House of Gastronomy, (ix) House of Wine, etc.
In the fourth phasewe encourage the further development of the logistics-marketing-sales system, which enables, through short supply chains, to connect production with sales by the shortest possible route from the field to the plate or guided experience under a common trademark. This is how the development of the entrepreneurial ideas and the creativity of rural destinations are built through the “quality centre” (a kind of business incubator) together with the work group for quality.

The following members of the expert evaluation commissions , are responsible for the transfer of knowledge, guidance of providers and evaluation of their offer: dr. Janez Bogataj, dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec, mag. Marlena Skvarča, Tadeja Vodovnik Plevnik, Mojca Polak, Franci Jezeršek, Janez Bratovž, Jože Zalar, dr. Jana Vilman, Matej Zupančič, Brigita Pavlič, Ilona Stermecki, dr. Živa Deu and a group of partners, who compose a work group of each collective trademark – educational and professional institutions, as well as the individuals and providers representatives of all mentioned networks. Coordinator of the collective trademark is responsible for the networking of the providers and the members of the work group, as well as the evaluation commission. He is the manager and caretaker of the collective trademark and advisor for the providers from the tender till obtaining the certificate and partnership. Together with the co-workers, he is responsible for the growth of the trademark awareness, marketing and sales of the certificated offer. Logistical organisation significantly shortens the supply chain between the provider and consumer.

With the “Procedure manual for granting the right to use a collective trademark”, which contains numerous rules, regulations and evaluation sheets, the system for evaluating the offer, as well as the definition for the control over the obtained certificates. With the contract the beneficiaries of the collective trademark agree to a business relationship with the owner or to the manager of the collective trademark, as well as the organization that carries out the logistics - takes care of the transfer of the crops and products from growers and providers to consumers. This way, a short supply chain of certified offer with the local added value and logistics to the caterers, public institutions, shops with local offer, local markets and end consumers is established. Incoming tourist agencies can make, according to the target group of Slovenian tourists, tailored boutique experiences at the local, regional or national level and offer them on the tourist market. Along with the providers who perform tastings, workshops, tours, etc., tourist guides, interpreters of nature and cultural heritage, especially the gastronomic specialties of Slovenia's 24 gastronomic regions, play a key role.

The model “Authentic from Slovenia” is consistent with the 'Strategy for sustainable growth of Slovenian tourism 2017-2021' (MGRT, 2016), 'Strategy for the development of Slovenian gastronomy' (STO 2006), 'Action plan for the development and marketing of gastronomic tourism 2019-2023' (STO, 2018) , 'Rural development program of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014–2020' (MAFF, 2014) and other subordinate documents.

The development of the rural destinations offer follows the vision of Slovenia as a gastronomic destination until 2023 (STO, 2018):

“Slovenia becomes a recognizable destination with high-quality, innovative, recognizable
gastronomy and an authentic culinary offer of food and wine,
created by many boutique quality food providers,
who build their offer on locally produced food and creative dishes, which are a reflection of natural
resources, knowledge and heartiness in the preparation.”

and key objective

“…to attract dedicated gastronomic tourists who spend a lot and
are also interested in learning about the traditions and culture of the destination,
for that, we have to offer as many special experiences as possible and as much of what makes
Slovenia and the Slovenian gastronomic offer different from the competing countries.”

dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec

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